I love that song by Whitney Houston! I love helping people be more than they thought they could be. When I attended my very first Self- Esteem seminar almost 15 years ago, I knew instantly, that I wanted to learn everything there was about creating a bigger vision for my life and inspiring others to do the same. I wanted to help people to believe in themselves and the power of their dreams. So that’s what I did and I’ve enjoyed the ride ever since.

I could easily create a more elaborate page here with a masterfully crafted really long sales letter filled with impulse triggers but I won’t.

I could easily tell you that I’m going to “spill the beans on all the behind the scenes” things other coaches, speakers and trainers won’t tell you.

I could lead you to believe there are secrets that I’ve learned along the way that were only available to people like me who attended all these guru “behind closed doors” seminars. Here’s some great news…I’m not going to do that.

First of all, there are NO SECRETS!! I am not going to waste your time with all the fancy marketing jargon just to hypnotize you into hiring me.

I’m just going to keep it real simple. I love what I do, I’ve helped many people achieve and even surpass the levels of success they never thought imaginable. I wold love to do the same for you.

Some examples of areas in which I coach my clients include:

Getting Focused , Building the Foundation of Your Successful Future

Setting Personal, Professional and Breakthrough Goals

Clarity, Commitment and Passion

How to Tap into Your Strength, Own your Power and Let Your Best Self Shine

My passion is to help you discover your purpose, to see yourself, be yourself and free yourself from whatever’s holding you back.

If you’re ready to get more out of life, more joy, more happiness, more passion, more success, its time to make it happen right now.

Sound good? Give me a call or send me an email… I’ll take you there!


“I have had the pleasure of being personally helped by Kelly Bouchard. Kelly coached me word for word on how to approach colleges for speaking engagements. As a result, I was able to schedule two paid speaking engagements at Philadelphia area colleges. If you’re looking for someone who can get you results and move you in the right direction, then Kelly is the only one for you!” — Sylvia Coleman, Author, “Creating a New Normal: Cleaning Up a Dysfunctional Life,”

After 19 years at the same career, finding myself stuck and uninspired and knowing it was time for a change but unable to define exactly what it was or how to go about taking necessary action, Kelly Bouchard enters in, bringing refreshing clarity ! With her genuine love and passion to see the great potential in everyone she meets, she is amazingly gifted to listen to your heart, helping you to recognize that same potential for yourself. Spending time with Kelly makes you believe and want to achieve the very best for yourself and others ! She not only brought the refreshing clarity I needed but helped me figure out what it was I wanted, and inspired in me the courage to make decisions that led me where I am today. I have a new “career”, which I can hardly call a career but more like “my calling” that I absolutely love and am in awe at everyday ! Thank you Kelly for being one of those rare people who are passionate about seeing people live the abundant and thriving lives God planned for them. You are one of His rare gems !
Tami Tierney, Women of Hope Ministry Pastor, Hope Chapel Kaneohe Bay, Kaneohe, Hawaii

Kelly Bouchard is an outstanding coach who helped me get immediate results after just 30 minutes. During my coaching time with her she helped me clarify my goals and gave me the tools necessary to get clients. If you are interested in getting results, you will want to work with Kelly.
Star Bobatoon, Esq.
Speaker, Trainer, Coach

Thank you for everything you did for our girls — they went to the Championships because of your amazing workshops. Not only did it help them in soccer, we are getting along better as a family, school is a lot easier and the self confidence level is at an all time high. Thanks Kelly, it’s all because of you!!
Deb S ~ Happy Parent

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