I have always been fascinated and inspired by people’s life stories.

Not just famous people, but everyday people who have big dreams, goals and visions of a better life and who succeed against all odds!

I love watching the underdog win. I love seeing the person who lost hope rise up to conquer what they once thought insurmountable!

It reaffirms my belief that you can do anything you want when you put your mind to it and keep going no matter what.

Being here today, as a business woman, success coach, motivational speaker and trainer is highly unlikely considering my history.

I quit school and left home at a very early age, got heavily involved with drugs and alcohol and ended up homeless with my first child.

Even though I was a teenager when I was pregnant for Kenny, I decided I was going to defy the stats and be the best Mom ever, my son deserved it! I quit drugs and that whole lifestyle, cold turkey!

I did great for the first year and then I slipped up a couple of times and ended up homeless, in a shelter…Boom! Rock Bottom!

The shelter was filled with messed up broken people and being one of them, I remember looking at my son and thinking, “No, this is not where I want you!”

It was at that point that I not only decided but committed that he was going to have the life he deserved and I was going to be a drug free Mom.

I replaced my habits with getting fit physically, spiritually, emotionally and financially.

I read everything I could on parenting, nutrition, how to be successful, anything on personal and professional development. I attended business seminars and took all kinds of courses which I continue to do today.

It was a slow and steady climb and it was also rewarding to see what could be accomplished whenever I applied what I learned.

My husband and I had two more children and we eventually launched our own business through a partnership. It was a skin care and cosmetics company that achieved multi-million dollar success, developing thousands of entrepreneurial consultants nationwide and later purchased by multinational Tupperware.

So I understand business, I understand what it’s like to start from nothing and work my way back up. I know what it takes to recreate your story and live your best dream.

In my quest for knowledge I always learned from top industry leaders. When I was developing my speaking career, I went to Dallas to the Zig Ziglar corporation and got certified as a Ziglar trainer.

I worked and traveled with world renowned motivational speaker Les Brown and I also trained and staffed with Jack Canfield, author of The Success Principles and Chicken Soup for the Soul.

This has afforded me opportunities to speak internationally, train corporately, coach executives and entrepreneurs to achieve great success beyond their wildest expectations!

I am extremely passionate about empowerment, clean living and success.

I love helping people rise up, succeed and live their best life story. That is my purpose in life and I am beyond blessed to be living it.

Now I want to help you!

Kelly Bouchard

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