How to Achieve Endurance Through Adversity


Some days it’s just about endurance.

I held on tight to that word, endurance, to keep me going to the end.

As I started down my path, I repeated it over and over to myself until it finally became the antidote to my ever increasing boredom with the daily mundane of inescapable routine.

The running was becoming a burden; I found myself fighting with the pace, preoccupied with shaving a few minutes off of my time.

My goals were there, but the joy had evaporated.

To keep going, I had to find a new means to keep myself motivated.

Whenever I caught myself wanting to surrender, I would simply smile and remind myself that it’s not about time and pace; a race is really about endurance.

It was about doing what was best for my body, mind and spirit. And that was no doubt worth enduring.

Whenever you find yourself getting a bit bored or a little discouraged, do this:

Take a minute, smile, breathe and remind yourself of the goal you are working so hard to achieve.
Remind yourself of the reason you are pouring in all the effort, and take pride at the endurance you have developed.


It has been said that adversity makes you stronger. I believe it.

One day I found myself training on an unusually windy day.

I hate running in the wind; like everyone else, I prefer blue sky and perfect conditions.

But let’s face facts: the sky isn’t always blue, life isn’t always perfect and conditions are rarely ideal.

You must learn to condition yourself to work with the situation as it exists, not as you would like it to be.

Though this particular day was especially windy, I was mentally prepared and knew I would have to work a little harder than usual.

This strategy worked for a while, but as I was getting to the end of my run, I was feeling the fatigue and my patience was dipping toward empty since the wind had been pushing hard against me for far too long!

There I was, running uphill and honestly, the wind was so strong, I felt like a leaf being blown in all directions.

It was hard, and I kept thinking of the clock and how off I would be when I finally got home.

Admittedly, this is not an empowering thought, but it is what I was thinking.

This adverse wind frustrated me so much that when I finally planted my feet at the top of the hill, I swore out loud.

Simply beside myself, I kept running, telling myself again and again to just keep moving one foot in front of the other a stride at a time.

Every step you take moves you that much closer to home.

nd with every step I ran that day, I felt more empowered.

That’s what you must do when you’re up against hardship, empower yourself with the needed reminder that you already have the strength inside you to push through.

When I finally made it home, I dreaded looking at the clock. Much to my surprise, I had chopped 10 minutes from my time.

I couldn’t believe it!

With the wind pushing against me, I guess I ran harder than I’d realized.

When faced with adversity, never surrender.

Simply work harder, empower yourself, keep moving and remind yourself that with every step you take, you are that much closer to achieving your goal.

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