Run Your Own Race

Run Your Own Race

Every time my son Kenny would come visit, he would get on my case about not training properly for the marathon.

He knew little about my training habits, yet still felt the need to pick on me.

Kenny criticized my eating habits, saying I wasn’t eating enough and that athletes who expect to finish their marathons should not be practicing vegetarians.

One day, during one of his rants, Kenny challenged me by saying, “Mom, I don’t even run as much as you do and I could beat your butt in a race, I could out jog you any day.”

Given that my son is twice my size, two decades younger and male, I’m sure he could.

He went on to say that I would get beat in the marathon and probably wouldn’t even finish.

I told Kenny that I was not running to compete, I was running because it was a goal of mine and that in life, you don’t need to compete, you can just run your own race – the one you signed up for, at your pace, the way you want to.

Never allow someone else’s pace to dictate how fast or how slow you’re going to go.

It’s all about finishing and achieving your goal – NOT someone else’s!

Kenny and I get along really well and I have never used reverse psychology on him, but for some reason, he felt the need to use it on me…and it worked!

He kept at me, challenging me, telling me I wasn’t prepared because if I was, I’d put my running shoes on right then and prove him wrong.

So I did!

What I wanted to show him was that I had been running regularly and that I could do it.

I have to admit, even though I had just finished telling him it wasn’t about competing, I could feel the desire to win swelling inside me.

But I had to take my own advice, and besides, who was I kidding? My son is an athlete!

I ran my own race, but I’ll let you imagine who the winner was.

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